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logopl-migracje-bedlewoThe Committee of Ethnological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences The Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, and Centre for Migration Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań

are organising a conference

Contemporary Migrations and their Consequences in an Interdisciplinary Perspective
Between Isolation and Integration


The conference will be held between the 24th and 26th May 2012 in the Research and Conference Centre of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Będlewo, near Poznań.


Conference Programme

The conference is another in a series of interdisciplinary discussions organised by the Committee and the Institute in Będlewo which aims to gather experts from various domains of knowledge. This year's topic is migration.

We would like to discuss migration, especially in the European context. The main focus will be on the social and cultural consequences of migration from the perspective of the countries and societies receiving migrants, as well as on the same processes of social and cultural integration in the eyes of the migrants themselves. The conference will be organised into four major blocs:

1. Migration policy of the European states (is it the end of multiculturalist policy?)
2. Integration vs. segregation of migrants in anthropological, sociological, legal and economic perspectives
3. How immigration affects receiving societies (xenophobia, stereotypes, racism and cultural racism, experiencing multiculturalism)
4. Transnational networks of migrants and new patterns of migration

The conference languages are English and Polish. Individual sessions will be held in one of the languages.

We aim at creating a space for lively discussion on the above topics and at inciting new forms of cooperation between scholars coming from various research fields. The educational goal is also important, since we hope that the participation of young scholars will both allow them to present their findings and to learn about current theoretical, methodological and empirical directions in migration studies.

Please send the titles and abstracts of papers (up to 1000 characters) by 15 March 2012. Participation in the conference is competitive and the Organisers will make a selection of the papers; the list of accepted participants and proposals will be announced by 31 March.

The conference fee is 370 zloties (ca. 85 euros), and 200 zloties (ca. 45 euros) for PhD students, and covers lodging (hotel and food) during the conference. After the acceptance of the paper, the author will be asked to confirm his or her participation. International participants can make their payment upon arrival at the conference venue.
Transportation from Poznań to Będlewo (ca. 25 km) will be secured by the organisers.

Inquiries and applications should be directed to:

Sekretariat Komitetu Nauk Etnologicznych PAN
Irena Kabat
ul. Św. Marcin 78
PL 61-809 Poznań
Phone: +48 61 829 47 15
e-mail: irakabat(at)amu.edu.pl

Information can be also obtained from the conference scientific coordinator Prof. Jacek Schmidt: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Director of the Institute
of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
& of Centre for Migration Studies at AMU

Prof. Michał Buchowski Head of the Committee of Ethnological
Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Prof. Aleksander Posern-Zieliński