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Cultural anthropologist and migration scholar

Research Director at the Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM) at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, USA and Editor of International Migration, a peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal on international migration policy and research

E-mail: emg27(at)georgetown.edu

Research Interests:

♦ international migration policy
♦ socio-cultural integration of immigrants and refugees
♦ children labour and migration
♦ human trafficking
♦ medical anthropology ( immigrant and refugee mental health, medicalization of human suffering)
♦ religion and migration (religion as a coping startegy and protective factor)
♦ applied anthropology (with particular emphasis on research methods)

Additional information:

♦ Doyle Faculty Fellow (2011-2012)
♦ winner of the California Series in Public Anthropology’s international competition for a book proposal on trafficked children (2011): http://www.publicanthropology.org/books-book-series/california-book-series/international-competition/2011-competition-winner-a/
♦ Fulbright four-months research grant to conduct a study on Constructing "The Other": Linguistic and Cultural Representations of Attitudes toward Foreigners in Poland (November and May-July 2009)
♦ Fulbright Senior Specialist grant in Anthropology; Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland (October–November 2006)
♦ Bellagio Dialogue on Migration Fellow (June-July 2006)
♦ Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, Board of Directors (1994-1998)

Participation in selected projects:

Trafficking Survivors Return Home: An Exploratory Study.

♦ funding: National Science Foundation
♦ project dates: 1.09.2014- 31.01.2016

Stop Girl Trafficking: Evaluation of an Anti-Trafficking Program in Nepal.

♦ funding: Humanity United
♦ project dates: 1.05.2013- 31.12.2013

After Rescue: Evaluation of Strategies to Stabilize and Integrate Adult Survivors of Human Trafficking into the United States.

♦ funding: National Institute for Justice (NIJ), US Department of Justice
♦ project dates: 1.01.2013- 31.12.2014

Urban refugees in Malaysia.

♦ funding: Georgetown University
♦ project dates: 06.2013- 12.2014

Health Disparities and Children in Immigrant Families: Developing Research Agenda through Participatory Action Research with Immigrant Youth in Washington, DC.

♦ funding: Georgetown University Initiative on Reducing Health Disparities
♦ project dates: 1.05.2012- 30.06.2013

Urban Refugees in Cairo and Amman.

♦ funding: Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, US Department of State

♦ project dates: 08.2010-08.2011


Evaluation of Anti-trafficking Program in Qatar.

♦ funding: J/TIP, US Department of State
♦ project dates: 10.2010-12.2012


Factors Assisting and Restricting the Integration of Third Country Nationals into the Labour Market, the Health Service and Education: An Anthropological Case Study of the City of Poznań
(Bariery i czynniki sprzyjające integracji obywateli państw trzecich na rynku pracy, w służbie zdrowia oraz edukacji. Antropologiczne studium przypadku miasta Poznania)
♦ funding: European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals (EFI)
♦ project dates: 2010
♦ function: participant


The Other: Attitude of Poles towards Foreigners
(Ten Obcy: Stosunek Polaków do cudzoziemców)
♦ funding: Fulbright
♦ project dates: October 2008 and September 2009
♦ function: scholarship holder


Child Labor and Child Trafficking (assessing child labor and anti-trafficking initiatives in Cambodia, Nepal, Uganda, Dominican Republic and Bolivia)
♦ funding: US Department of Labor
♦ project dates: 2008-2011
♦ function: participant


Undocumented Children (an in-depth comparative study of health, education, and labor market issues facing children affected by undocumented migration in the United States and United Kingdom)
♦ funding: Barrow Cadbury Trust and the Carnegie Corporation of New York
♦ project dates: 2009-2012
♦ function: research coordinator


Urban Refugees (study of the urban refugees’ access to education, health and employment in Cairo, Amman, and Damascus)
♦ funding: the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration in the US Department of State
♦ project dates: 2010-2012
♦ function: research coordinator


Selected publications:

“To Dream or Not to Dream. The Effects of Immigration Status, Discrimination, and Parental Influence on Latino Children’s Access to Education.” Migration Studies 2014 http://migration.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2014/05/07/migration.mnu021.full.pdf+html

Aiding defeated migrants.” International Migration 52(1): 87-99. January 2014 (with Izabela Czerniejewska)

Misconceptions about human trafficking in a time of crisis. Forced Migration Review 45: 58-59. February 2014 (with Alissa Walter).

Empirical Vacuum: In Search of Research on Human Trafficking.” In Rosemary Gartner and William McCarthy (eds.), The Oxford Handbook on Sex, Gender, and Crime, Oxford University Press 2014.

“Undocumented Children and Children of Undocumented Parents.” In Lois Lorentzen (Ed.) Hidden Lives and Human Rights in the United States: Understanding the Controversies and Tragedies of Undocumented Immigration. ABC-CLIO 2014.

Children trafficked to the United States: Myths and Realities,” Global Dialogue 14(2) Summer/Autumn 2012.

“Ten Obcy. Stosunek Wielkopolan do cudzoziemcow.” (The Other. Attitudes of the Wielkopolska Residents toward Foreigners), Przeglad Wielkopolski 2012 1(95): 17-28 (with Leszek Nowak).

Od gości do sąsiadów. Integracja cudzoziemców spoza Unii Europejskiej w Poznaniu w edukacji, na rynku pracy i w opiece zdrowotnej (From guests to neighbors. Integration of third-country nationals in the labor force, education, and health care in Poznan). Poznan: UAM Press: 2010 (with Natalia Bloch).

Challenges, Dilemmas and Opportunities in Studying Trafficked Children in the United States.” Course Reader eBooks. Belmont: Wadsworth Cengage Learning: 2012

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Violence as a Political Instrument: An Anthropological and Public Health Perspective. Social Justice: Anthropology, Peace and Human Rights 2 (1-2): 1-23. Winter/Spring 2001.